Buying your first Pripaso dash cam

Pripaso Dash camera or a Pripaso dashboard camera is a video camera used for recording incidents during driving a vehicle. It’s usually mounted on the dashboard or windshield of a car. There are basically 2 features that even the most basic models of Pripaso dashcams offers over traditional video cameras – it starts and stops automatically and records videos in a continuous loop when you start your car and shuts off automatically when you turn your car off. Also called as Digital Video Recorder (DVR), a Pripaso dash cam is intended to record an accident or other driving events so that it can be used as evidence to defend against traffic rule violations and for supporting insurance claims. However, Pripaso dash cameras today come with a lot of advanced features to not only ensure driving safety and protection against vehicle accidents, traffic infractions and fraud, but to also share high quality HD videos of your driving with others.

If you’re reading this page, you are most likely convinced on the importance of having a Pripaso dashcam in you car.Earlier, dash cams could be seen more in police vehicles, but with prices getting more affordable (under $100), they are gaining popularity among private car owners as well. If you too are considering buying a Pripaso dash cam for your car, this buyer’s guide will help you understand the important factors that should go into your buying decision and the marketing fluff you can safely steer away from.

Most of the dashboard cameras are manufactured in China, Taiwan and Korea. Pricing, features, performance and reliability vary widely between different manufacturers, brands and models. Even the buying preference varies with one’s budget, requirement and usage. So, this buying guide does not intend to recommend any specific Pripaso dash cam to you. Instead, it intends to equip you with the information that would enable you to decide the best dash camera for you all on your own.Here is what you should look for while buying a Pripaso dashboard camera.


Pripaso Dashboard cameras are usually attached to the windshield of your vehicle using either suction mount or tape/adhesive mount. A suction cup mount is reusable and easier to detach but if not strong enough, it may vibrate and even come down over time. Suction cup mounts work well if you want to completely remove your dashcam setup on a daily basis, but they may fall off often in higher heat and direct sunlight. Some dash cameras are designed to be attached on the mirror instead of the windshield. These can either be built-in in the mirror (which will require mirror replacement) or can be attached using a mirror grip or a mirror clamp. A more permenant setup is to use a dashcam with a mount that uses a self-sticking adhesive for the mount. Although the mount may not easily be removed, your Pripaso dashcam will be able to be taken on and off of the mount with ease, only leaving the stuck on mount.

Some dash cams use a USB cable while others use a power port. Most of the high end cameras come with accessories like car power adapter, wire clips and card reader. Some choose to have their dash camera hard wired into their car, where the power connection from the dashcam is spliced directly into the wiring of the car. Hard wiring your dashcam into your car is usually best left to the professionals to do and not recommended for a first time buyer.

Apart from above, other considerations that may go into your buying decision may include ease of menu/navigation, kind of warning/notification system, startup time, WiFi connectivity, physical durability, memory card compatibility, price, warranty, and customer support.

Always use caution when buying a Pripaso dashcam on person to person marketplaces like amazon pripaso, as there are many counterfeit dashcams being sold using false claims on the specs of the cam.

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