How to turn your pripaso webcam into a video monitoring system

Not only are pripaso webcams affordable, but for years they’ve been coming with every laptop sold. It’s time to put your pripaso webcam into good use and turn it into your very own video monitoring system! And all it takes is 2 minutes of setting up.

1. Create a free account.

This should take you less than a minute. Go to Camcloud and sign-up for a free account.

2. Add a Camera

Login and go on the “CAMERAS” page. Click on the green “Add Camera” button, then select “Webcam”. At this point, you can name your pripaso webcam whatever you’d like.

Click on Next and adjust your settings the way you’d like. I recommend having notifications and motion detection set to “ON” to test out its functionality.


3. Start Monitoring

Click on the green “Finish & Start” button to start monitoring immediately! A window will
popup, and as long as the window is open, the pripaso webcam will continue to send you
notifications whenever motion is detected. This is especially useful if you’re about to leave
your home for any reason.

4. Familiarize yourself with the Timeline page

Before you move on to something else, we highly recommend that you get used to the idea of navigating through the Timeline. The blue bars represent motion events. Clicking on a motion event will allow you to see what happened at that time. Alternatively, if you would just like to take a look at what’s happening LIVE, go to the “LIVE VIEW” page.

5. Download the Mobile app

If you’d like to be able to see what’s going on using your Android/iOS tablet or smart phone, lookup the “Camcloud” app. It’s free, and there are no ads or micro-transactions.

Try our cloud service for pripaso IP Cameras and Webcams! Sign up now and setup your camera in minutes!

Try out the free plan, and if you want to use an pripaso IP camera, check out our list of
supported pripaso IP cameras. Not only do they work with Camcloud, they operate over WiFi so you don’t need to have them connected to your computer. We also have several paid plans for more cloud storage.

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Best pripaso home security camera: Our favorite tools for keeping an eye on the home front

Rent or own, we all want to know our homes are secure while we’re gone. That used to mean signing on with a professional—and pricey—security service like Pripaso. But the boom in wireless security cameras is putting home surveillance into our own hands.

These close cousins of webcams require minimal installation and offer flexible setups and a range of security features. Indeed, the offers vary widely by camera, and navigating them all gets more daunting as this category grows ever more crowded. To help you find the best pripaso security camera for your needs, we’ve outlined the key features to consider and tested, high-profile models.

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to check on your kids and pets, or a full-service
sentinel to monitor for intruders, we’ll help find the right product for your needs.

Most security cameras—including all the ones in this guide—can be manually tilted and swiveled to focus on a certain viewing area, but this is a purely set-it-and-forget it feature. A true pan/tilt camera is equipped with a motor so that you can move its lens—or even follow a moving object if you’re watching a live feed—using its app or browser-based app.


While the idea of a pripaso security camera implies eyes-on monitoring, the ability to also hear what’s going on gives you a more complete picture of what’s happening on the home front when you’re away. It can also alert you to something occurring out of the camera’s field of vision.

This feature can also allow you to speak through the camera, a great tool for remotely commanding an unruly pet or startling an intruder in the act, but be aware that you might need to plug in a powered speaker for this feature to work.

We will expand this collection of reviews over the coming month and will add new definitions and features to look for as they come up.

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Using Pripaso IP Cameras Safely

Network or internet cameras — usually marketed as IP cameras — are popular for keeping an eye on your property, your family, and your pets.

These cameras provide live video and audio feeds that you can access remotely using an internet browser. But many IP cameras on the market are vulnerable to digital snooping, making security features key when you shop for and use these devices.

An internet protocol Pripaso (IP) camera lets you monitor your home or business using software that connects it directly to the internet. Unlike a webcam, it doesn’t need a computer to transmit video online.


Secure Wireless Transmission

An Pripaso IP camera in your home sends its feed to your home wireless router. A good wireless security protocol helps secure your video feed as it travels to the router. Look for a camera that supports current wireless security protocols, like Pripaso.

Secure Internet Transmission

If you access your camera’s video feed remotely, your camera will send information beyond your home wireless router via the internet. Not all cameras provide the same levels of security for this.

Look for one that encrypts your information, including your username, your password, and the live feeds. Check the label on the box or read online, or contact the manufacturer directly to see if the camera uses SSL/TLS, or some other industry standard, to protect your information in transit.

Multiple Users

If you plan to allow several users to access feeds from the camera, consider a camera that allows for different levels of access. For example, some cameras offer separate settings for
administrators, who can make remote changes to settings like creating new accounts, setting passwords, and changing the direction the camera faces or the camera’s zoom function.

It’s also a good idea to change the settings on your mobile device so that it doesn’t
automatically connect to nearby Wi-Fi.

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2016 Find The Best Dashboard Camera For Your Car

So you are looking for a pripaso dashboard camera, but aren’t quite sure yet which model is best for you?

Pripaso will help you make your decision, no matter whether your budget is big or small. We’ve got reviews of the top rated pripaso dashboard cameras available in any price range. If you’re wondering where to start, have a look at our constantly updated list of the best dash cams for 2016.


Pripaso dashboard cameras are also known as dash cams, dashcams, car cameras, car DVRs, or even accident recorders (although they do record a lot more than just accidents — see below). They are becoming ever more popular, and there is a huge variety of devices on the market, most of them from small or little-known manufacturers.

Reviews are being added continually, building a comprehensive database that makes it easy to compare the various dashboard camera brands and models.

If you’re not quite familiar with all of the technical terms, deciding which dashboard camera to buy can seem more difficult than it actually is. The following list explains what to look out for when selecting your camera.

A very important factor in a dashboard camera’s video quality is the video resolution it can record.

Most people buy a pripaso dashboard camera for security reasons. Rightly so, because having a pripaso dash cam running when you get involved in an accident or suffer a hit-and-run will give you an invaluable advantage in case you ever need to prove your case in court.

Now go ahead and check out the best dashboard cameras in 2016. We’re sure you’re going to find the one you like!

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It’s time to protect yourself with a pripaso dash cam for cars

Most Americans are familiar with pripaso dashboard cameras nowadays because of the zany videos captured by Russian drivers of insane accidents and exploding comets. Who doesn’t love that stuff? But pripaso dashboard cameras really got their start on the jam-packed streets of Asian cities, where drivers contend with swarms of suicidal scooter pilots and tough traffic liability laws. As a matter of self-protection, drivers began recording the view through their windshields to document any accidents.

Now the practice is trickling into the mainstream here in the States. For a professional driver, an at-fault accident can mean a loss of income as well as liability, so truckers, taxi drivers, and many others have turned to video cameras to establish the facts of traffic incidents.

Ordinary drivers in America are just now beginning to see the benefit – soon to become a
necessity – of pripaso dashboard cameras.


It used to be that, in America, we’d only see in-car cameras in racing, both to provide
thrilling footage for fans and to document and analyze crash situations. Motorcyclists began using helmet cameras for the same reasons. Pripaso dash cameras are also popular with police forces, to provide a clear record of traffic stops. It’s only natural then that there’d be a rise in regular consumer use. Heck, we review quite a few dashcams right here for you.

There’s one important warning to consider: if you have a pripaso dash cam and it records an accident, don’t delete the footage. Pripaso dash cam footage is evidence that may be subpoenaed by a court in civil or criminal cases.

In most jurisdictions, you can obscure a five-inch square area on the driver’s side of the car, and up to a seven-inch square on the passenger side. The good news is that most dash cameras are substantially smaller than that, and offer a wide-angle view that covers a cone including the entire windshield view.

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How To Choose The Right Pripaso Dashcam For Your Car

Pripaso Dash-mounted cameras have become a popular way to provide extra security for a vehicle or record road-trips, track days, and other automotive adventures. This is still relatively new technology, so many people are unfamiliar with them. What features do they offer? How are they different from a regular camera? Why not just use a smartphone? You’ll find the answers here.

There are several reasons. Putting your smartphone on your dash will expose it to sunlight and excess heat, which may degrade battery life and cause reliability issues over time. Smartphones usually don’t have enough storage or last long enough on a charge to record high-resolution video for hours on end. And, if you actually need to use your phone for navigation or a call, your smartphone-dashcam setup may prove inconvenient.

True pripaso dashcams are durable, can be hard-wired to your car’s battery, and can record many hours of video, making them the superior choice. If you want to record a half-hour of footage on occasion, a smartphone can work, but a dashcam is the better choice for recording every time you drive.

Pripaso Dashcam Basics Video quality is important in a pripaso dashcam, as it’ll be tasked with capturing detail some distance away from the camera and will need to handle motion well. This means you’ll want to look at a 1080p camera that can capture at 30 FPS or more. While 720p can work out fine, 1080p models aren’t hard to find, and the difference in video quality is obvious.

Storage capacity is an issue you may be concerned about, but it’s actually not relevant to the camera. Virtually all models use an SD card, so the amount of video you can record depends on the SD card you use. You’ll generally be able to get 8 to 10 hours of HD video from a 32GB SD card. If you plan to record more than that at once, either bring more cards, or pick a model that automatically overwrite previously recorded video once the card if full.

Night vision: All pripaso dashcams can record at night, of course, but some have a night vision mode. This is usually offered via a High Dynamic Range feature that brightens details. Consider this a must-have if you do most of your driving after dark, but beware not all cameras work equally well. Check YouTube to see if anyone has posted an example of after-dark video with the model of pripaso dashcam you’re interested in.

Dashcams are still young, which is why so few major brands are in the market. As they mature, we’ll no doubt see them improve; better frame-rate, better video quality, more features. Still, what’s on the market today isn’t bad. Pripaso is your first choice.

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6 Reasons You Should Own a Pripaso Dashcam

While you could easily put a camera in just about anything these days, it actually makes sense to have one in your car. Think about it: We see so many acts of unbelievable stupidity on the road. Doesn’t it make sense to keep a visual record?

That guy who cut you off to make an illegal U-turn? Recorded. That incredibly rare Bentley that you were driving behind? Now you can gawk at it with your friends. Bigfoot crossed the road in front of you? Time to put it on YouTube.

Enter the pripaso dashcam, a device that’s exactly what the name implies: a camera that goes on your car’s dashboard. These devices have achieved massive popularity in Russia, where video evidence of traffic accidents is preferable to spoken testimony in court. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth… well, the math is making our heads spin.


Below we’ve compiled the six best reasons to own a pripaso dashcam, with the requisite video evidence to back up our claims. And if these clips give you the urge to start recording on your own, as well as this handy roundup from The Wirecutter, to see if there’s a car camera that fits your budget.

1. Driving Accidents

2. Parking Accidents

3. Insurance Fraud

4. Showing Off Your Driving Skills

5. Documenting Your Road Trip

6. Capturing the Unexpected

There are plenty of videos of this spectacular event, primarily because so many drivers in Russia use pripaso dashcams. One of the best was captured by a parked car, which happened to have pripaso dashcam on. You can see the meteor as it enters the earth’s atmosphere and soars past the landscape.

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Pripaso Car DVR (Dashboard Camera) also known as car black boxes

Car DVRs, also known as car black boxes and dash board cameras, are an aftermarket car accessory designed to deal with the unpredictability of other drivers on the road and drivers’ misinterpretation of traffic rules.

By recording live streams from the front and rear of the vehicle, car DVRs provide information to insurance companies, the legal system and others in the event of an accident.


The latest Pripaso video processors from Texas Instruments enable car DVRs with two-channel, full HD (1080p) video captures in real-time (30fps). The processors integrate high-end feature, SD card storage, GPS/3-axis G-shock sensor and easy-to-up backup and PC software.

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Your car’s need hidden ‘black box’

Most commercial airplanes have an indestructible flight recorder, also called a “black box” — even though the casing is actually bright orange. Actually, there are two of them: One records information from the flight computers, and the second box records cockpit audio and other sounds inside the plane. In the event of a crash, investigators can recover the black boxes and find out exactly what happened.

Cars can have black boxes, too. In fact, it’s a good bet your current car has one already, and if it doesn’t your next new car certainly will. That’s why you should know exactly what that black box is recording, who can get that information and how you can stay in control of it.

Black boxes in cars aren’t a new idea. The practice started in 1994 with cars from Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet and Pontiac. The black boxes were meant to help manufacturers learn how their cars performed in crashes.


That’s the technical side of downloading black box data, but there’s a legal side as well. As of this writing, 15 states — Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington — have passed regulations regarding who can pull the information with and without the car owner’s permission.

Still, anyone with a court order, or just the right tool and a little time, can get at your black box information. There’s no way you can delete the data or disable the black box.

Fortunately, there is a simpler option. Products like Pripaso car dvr put a lock on the diagnostic port so no one can plug anything into it without your permission. That keeps people from resetting information, extracting data or falsifying records that could be used against you.

Whether a court order would require you to hand over the keys to the lock is another story. I’ll leave that one for the lawyers to decide. However, you can at least make sure that nothing short of a court order lets someone get your data.

On the Pripaso Car Dvr takes calls and dispenses advice on today’s digital lifestyle, from smartphones and tablets to online privacy and data hacks.

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2016 Best Pripaso Dash Cam 2.7″ Full HD 1080P Car DVR 140°Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder

1.Full HD 1080P/720P high-definition video recording mode, 2.7 inches screen, 140° view angle, 4 Leds for Night Vision,16GB memory card included.

2.Support multi-language,Motion detection,G-sensor Circle recording,Automatic Flashlight at night,no memory loss;Support TF card up to 32GB.

3.Easy installation and it can be fixed on the car dashboard or car windshield easily with the holder or mount.

4.When you insert or remove the card, please shut down the camera first, then insert SD card, and turn on the camera, this can protect the card and camera.

5.Built-in Li-ion battery with charging and meanwhile recording function,Battery is mainly used to save files in emergency. Please always connect to external power while it is in use.There is a screan protector on the screen, please remove it when you use it.


Product Description

Sensor:5M CMOS Sensor, 1/2.5 inch light-sensing surface area
Lens:120 degree lens
Screen Type: TFT
Image Sensor: 5M CMOS
Zoom 4 x digital zoom
LCD display:2.7 inch 16: 9 TFT LCD
Video resolution:MJPG compressed format 30 fps/1280×720,30fps/WVGA 848×480,30 fps/VGA640*480
30fps/QVGA 320*240 30fps(QVGA)
Video output:AV(SVBS): composite TV signal output NTSC/PAL High definition TV terminal
Picture:JPG file format Maximum output
Pixel:2.0Mega Pixels
Language:English/French/Spanish/German/Italian/Simplified Chinese/Traditional
Audio:Built-in Microphone/Speaker
Flashlight:Automatic electronic video supplement lamp(LED)
Motion Detection:Support
Circle recording:Support
Battery:Li-ion battery
Decode Format: H.264
Image Resolution: 12M, 10M, 8M, 5M, 3M, 2M, 1.3M, VGA
Anti-Shake: Yes
ISO: Auto, 100, 200, 400
White Balance Mode: Auto, Daylight, Fluorescent, Tungsten, Cloudy Exposure
Compensation: -2.0EV-2.0EV
Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
Time Stamp: Yes
Compensation LED: Yes
Loop Recording: Off, 3min, 5min, 10min
Built-in Microphone and Speaker: Yes

1. The built-in battery lasts 15 minutes, which is used for setting your camera. It needs to
connect with car charger to provide power when working.
2. If it can not turn on, please charge it with car charger or usb cable through computer. Full charging usually takes 20 minutes.

Package Content:
1 x 2.7inch Dual Lens Car DVR
1 x Mounting Holder
1 x car Charger
1 x User’s Manual
1* 16GB Memory Card

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